A crackin’ morning

Flanders Moss NNR 

Sometimes it can be good to break your routine, doing something different and experience something new.  Life goes by some much quicker when you are in a routine so anything that slows down the speed of the days passing has got to be a good thing.

So, how about getting up early and heading down to a nature reserve near you at the crack of dawn? Flanders this morning was looking fantastic: a hard frost held the ground until the sun came over the horizon and then with the current heat wave things got warm very quickly.


The local buzzard wasn’t going to anything until it got warm enough.


The birch without their leaves contrast with the bright blue sky. P1090106

The sphagnum hummocks welcome further study. P1090122

The moss was encrusted with frost-covered spiders webs. Even though it is February there is obviously plenty of spider action out on the moss. P1090092

So Why not give it a go?P1090089


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