Getting close to biodiversity at Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve

Flanders Moss NNR – an SNH Biodiversity Strategy team get the full bog experience (some fell in) at Flanders Moss, claim it is the wettest bog they know and love the full landscape restoration progressing. Result.

Scotland's Nature

Our Biodiversity Strategy Team has been catching up at Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve finding out more about the intricacies of the site and getting some hands-on tasks in too. Read about how they got on from our Biodiversity Strategy Officer, Iain Macdonald, below.

© David Pickett/ SNH Biodiversity Strategy Team © David Pickett/ SNH

On 21st February the Biodiversity Strategy Team spent a few hours catching up on a little biodiversity at Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve (NNR) near Stirling.  When we meet up it is usually around a table, but this was a different sort of meeting altogether.  For a start it was outdoors and it involved not just the “usual suspects”, but  listening to Dave Pickett, the Reserve Manager, answer all sorts of questions.

“Where did the thousands of tonnes of peat go that used to surround the NNR and which are now green fields?  Into the Forth Estuary having…

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