Snow and deer on Ben Lui

Ben Lui NR

As well as 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands the Stirling NNR team also has some involved in the Ben Lui Nature Reserve so really we should add some mountains to our title.
This week this involvement meant that Gavin and I headed out to walk the glen to count deer. This was part of the co-ordinated deer count across the whole of the Inverary and Tyndrum Deer Management Group area. This meant that across the landscape there were others counting at the same time so as to get an accurate number of deer in the area. By chance it had snowed heavily the day before so we had a hard slog but in the most beautiful of conditions. Luckily our route kept low as there was a lot of snow on the slopes and avalanche risk was high.

46 deer was our total, lower than previous years but many deer had probably headed down into forests and hopefully will have been counted by others.
And why count deer? Well, it is important to monitor the numbers. Too many deer can have a detrimental effect on the mountain vegetation and especially the native woodland. We would like to see more trees on the site as only an isolated few are left but this won’t happen if all the seedlings are eaten by deer.


The team had an excellent day all round and slept very well that night.

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