Pinkies Galore – a wild goose chase

Flanders Moss NNR
In conservation a lot of attention is given to seeing rare species. Twitchers spend their lives chasing rarities up and down the country. But sometimes a common species seen in great numbers makes a far more pleasing experience. And you can get a bit of the joy of bioabundance at Flanders at the moment. The pink-footed geese are back in town.
The Carse of Stirling is a stopping off place in the autumn and spring for these geese that breed in Iceland and Greenland. And at the moment thousands are feeding up on grass in the fields around Flanders to fuel themselves up for crossing the North and Arctic seas. Today some were even in the field right next to the car park. And the huge flock and noise that went with it made a spectacular sight.
They time their stopping off so that they arrive when the new growth of spring grass in available. Over the next 3-4 weeks tens of thousands of geese will pass through but by mid-April it will be goose quiet. So if you want a wildlife spectacle on your doorstep look no further than the Carse of Stirling.

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