A murder crime scene


Blawhorn Moss NNR

It was a dull, grey day at Blawhorn. Overcast, mild but with a cold wind. A day for nothing much happening so I wasn’t expecting to stumble across a murder scene.  A couple of splashes of blood and just a body part left of the victim.

What had been going on?

Well the victim could only be identified by a leg bone, quite long and well built – a good runner or jumper? Forensics would be able confirm the details when they arrived but now was time for guess work and deduction. Small mammal – maybe a mouse or a vole? But further along the boardwalk was more evidence – frogspawn. Maybe the victim was a frog and had been caught when busy with its mind elsewhere? These things can happen.


And who was the perpetrator? On the way to the site I had seen a couple of dodgy looking characters hanging around. Peregrines. They have form – ruthless killers, but in this case they it wasn’t their modus operandi. They tend to attack victims that are flying, So this time they are off the hook.


The murderer had picked the skeleton clean so probably not a fox or a heron as they would crunch and swallow. But maybe a buzzard? They are in the neighborhood and this crime had their prints all over it. But in this case more proof will be needed to secure a conviction.

So while we continue to make enquiries it is worth remembering that this is all part of the web of life that goes on on our nature reserves. This is just one link of a food chain that supports the wonderful nature all around us, where prey is eaten by predators. It’s nature.









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1 Response to A murder crime scene

  1. Rob says:

    Dastardly deeds afoot. Danger lurks amidst us!

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