Males only

Flanders Moss NNR

At Flanders the first adders are coming out of hibernation. They are generally the males, as male adders spend on average one month a year awake more than the females. Here are 2 males that have recently been seen close to the boardwalk.

The males can be told by their blacker zig-zag pattern on their backs and therefore a greater contract between the zig-zag and the background colour. When first out of hibernation the males spend a lot of time just sitting around trying to catch as many rays as possible. They won’t be feeding and so will be losing weight as their fat reserves go into developing their testes ready for when the females finally wake up.

When that happens, from end of March / early April, things will get a bit livelier!

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1 Response to Males only

  1. In all my outdoorness(?) i’ve never seen an Adder, or a grass snake, or smooth snake come to that. Do you do public guides? Or offer any guidance on how or where to see them.
    I understand about putting sensitive info on a public forum so feel free to contact me via

    I’ve only recently started following your blog and really enjoying it, thanks.


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