Something for the queens

Flanders Moss NNR
At Flanders Moss we are trying to provide for insects all year round. And first thing in Spring can be a tricky time for some insects e.g. queen bumblebees. when they first come out of hibernation they need a source of protein to use to make eggs plus also food (nectar). But there are not many flowers out at this time of year . But willow can provide both of these things for queen bumblebees so we have cultivated willows around the edge of the car park and along part of the access track. The well-known pussy willow becomes willow flowers and if you are at Flanders why not take the time to see what is using them.
To help insects through the season we will be adding to our wildflower meadow with flower species that flower at different times so that we can avoid a feast and famine dinner table for these important pollinators.
Watch this space as we develop the moss for pollinators and provide more information for you to learn about them.

There is more information about what you can do to help insects and pollinators on the SNH Pollinator pages here.

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