Would you like to work on the Stirling NNRs?

Flanders Moss NNR, Loch Lomond NNR, Blawhorn Moss NNR
We have a vacancy to fill on the team that looks after the 3 Stirling NNRs: Flanders Moss NNR, Loch Lomond NNR and Blawhorn Moss NNR. It is a 12 months’ student placement with a wage, a training budget and everything – a proper job. If you are successful you will get the chance to learn about the many aspects of nature reserve management on 3 big, wet, biodiverse and simply fantastic sites in Central Scotland. Based in the SNH Stirling office you will get to work with all sorts of great people – volunteers, SNH colleagues, landowners, species recorders and other partner organisations. And also me and Steve.
So we are looking for someone who is prepared to work hard, make the best of opportunities, be prepared to get up very early and sometimes go to bed very late, listen to (and tell) bad jokes, take one for the team, see some amazing nature, get wet and enjoy being outside in all weathers. If this sounds like it might be you then to find out more and check eligibilty follow the link here  or go to the SNH website and check the vacancy pages. Or if you know someone that this might suit then please pass it on. This a great chance to get into a career of workimg on nature reserves.

Below will give you a little taste of what it is all about. As will this whole blog!P1010794P1070274



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