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Flanders Moss NNR

Flanders Moss is an excellent place to exercise. The circular boardwalk and viewing tower are used by lots of different people to get the circulation going: after all is is a nice surface and a great place to spend some time. Some people amble, mooch and meander, others jog circuits, while others do reps up and down the viewing tower. As we work around the site we see people exercising while listening to music and though my preference is to listen to the amazing natural soundtrack going on around you, if listening to music while exercising is your thing then my collegues in the SNH Stirling office have some suggestions for an exclusive Flanders Moss playlist to use.

Why not try these next time:

1. – Green day – Boardwalk of broken dreams
2. – The cranberries -Linger
3. – Zoe – Sundew on a rainy day
4. – Rednex – Cottongrass-eyed Joe
5. – Rolling stones – Symphony for the Devil’s bit scabious
6. – Nirvana – Smells like bog spirit
7. – Duncan Chisolm – The flooded meadow
8. – Peatbog faeries – the dragonfly apprentice
9. – Elvis – You ain’t nothing but a hound bog
10.- Naked Flanders – Stride
11.- Peatbog faeries – Shifting peat and feet
12.- Peat and diesel – Salt and pepper

(All tracks by Bogshed were excluded as they are awful.)

Hope you enjoy the music and even more hope you enjoy Flanders Moss. We would welcome any further suggestions if you have any.

Many thanks to Darren, Steve, Kenny, Gavin and Patricia.


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1 Response to Flanders Moss Playlist

  1. peigimccann says:

    Great list, especially Green Day! But jogging with headphones and adders? What could possibly go wrong?

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