Don’t pull the dandelions!

Flanders Moss NNR

We have an excellent spread of dandelions along the track and around the car park at Flanders. The look great and add a splash of colour but much more importantly, dandelions are one of the first sources of nectar for hoverflies, bees and other important insects. So we are leaving them to feed the insects.
Do you have any in your garden? Are you happy to leave them till they have flowered? Oh, go on, you know it is for a good cause –  it’s for the bees.


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4 Responses to Don’t pull the dandelions!

  1. Ladylanders says:

    I’m leaving the dandelions to flower in my garden – and contemplating leaving a bit of the lawn un-mowed as well. I’m just snapping the ‘dandelion clocks’ off once the flowers are past.

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  2. Diabhidh says:

    I leave them too, but I havent really seen anything on them?

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  3. Ladylanders says:

    I’ve just been reading this “Did you know just 8 dandelion flowers provide enough nectar for 15,000 bee visits per day?” Trevor Dines, Plantlife Botanical Specialist on here : That’s a pretty impressive statistic! I’ve seen some hover flies on my dandelions – let’s hope other insects are on them too when I’m not around to see.

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  4. Diabhidh says:

    That is impressive, must be timimg… 🙂 I’ll keep them around and look closer – thanks for the link.

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