All quiet on the nesting front

Flanders Moss NNR

Ralph Brooks-Fox, our osprey observer at Flanders Moss NNR, reports from his armchair with disappointing news:

osprey 1 may 2019

Whilst the neighbours have clearly settled in for the duration (see above), the nest on the west side of Flanders has seen no signs of activity for a couple of weeks. An updated look at the nest (see below) shows the September damage still very apparent, with one side looking like it has collapsed and the soft innards still clearly on view. Thus what we interpreted as reconstruction was probably more likely a morose sifting through the wreckage.

osprey 2 may 2019

Therefore it seems likely that the Flanders ospreys have decided to rebuild elsewhere: it could be in the vicinity so keep a good lookout. Douglas Firs and Scots Pines are favoured, but as the neighbours have demonstrated, a deciduous tree offering a good views and an adjacent roosting point will do just as nicely.   Ralph

So it seems that we will have no ospreys breeding on Flanders this year. But there are still plenty in the surrounding area. It is worth a stop in the lay by on the Arnprior – Port of Menteith road where it runs down the east side of the Lake of Menteith as the lake is a favourite fishing place for the ospreys living around Flanders and the wider area. 

And it would seem that Ralph’s armchair won’t be getting the use this year compared to last. If we have any news we will pit it on the blog, so keep following it.  

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