A good hare day

Flanders Moss NNR

I am all for putting in a huge amount of time, energy and effort to enable a really good wildlife watching experience. But sometimes it is just nice to sit in comfort, take it easy, have a cup of coffee and still watch wildlife with minimum effort. And at the moment you can do just that at Flanders. It is a great time of year to watch the brown hares that live on and around the Moss and you can sit in your car in the car park and if you are lucky watch hare business going on in front of you.
Flanders is a great place for brown hares because it has a mosaic of different vegetation types, there is plenty of food in the agricultural fields but lots of cover on the moss. At the moment the crops are low and the hares are very busy so there is lots of action going on in the fields all along the track to the car park. If you pull up and scan the fields you may well see brown blobs which with some watching become brown hares when they start to move. At times there are groups of 3-4 animals doing a lot of running around and these are probably males chasing females with a plan to mate. It is a real pleasure to take some time and get a little insight into the goings-on in a hare’s life with feeding, washing, sleeping and courting all happening in front of you. It might be better than what is on TV.

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