This week I have mostly been seeing…..

Flanders Moss NNR

Spring is really kicking off at Flanders Moss and it is well worth a visit to get a feel for it.
Here are just some of the delights I have seen recently:

I recently bumped into Mr Toad, taking a bit of a wander near to the lochan. I suspect that having finished going through the spawning business he was heading off for a bit of a lie down.

There is some lovely cuckooflower (or lady’s smock or milk maid’s purse – it has lots of names) right by the boardwalk. Orangetip butterflies lay eggs on it and their caterpillars feed on so if you see it, check out if any butterflies are around.
One of our local carrion crows took an interest in one of the information boards of the new pollinator trail. The boards are there for all visitors to see!

There are a couple of pairs of stonechats near to the boardwalk so listen out for their whistle chack call and then see if you can spot them. The males are very striking – like these in the pictures below.P1090726 P1090727

The bog cotton is starting to appear. The flowers of this bog specialist are going over and that is when the fluff starts to appear. It won’t be long till the moss is covered in a carpet of white fluffiness.

This is bog rosemary – it looks like rosemary but definitely doesn’t taste or smell like it. It is found further out on the moss and has there delicate pink bells as flowers.

The coltsfoot in the car park  has now finishing flowering but the seedheads still look pretty impressive.

Unfortunately Finn and I found this pair of balloons that someone had carelessly (at the very least) let loose. They not only litter the countryside but these were in one of the grazing compartments and can cause problems to grazing animals.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

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