Natural birch control

Flanders Moss NNR

On the NNRs we are always looking for innovative and new techniques to manage the habitats. At Flanders we have been developing a new way of dealing with the birch scrub that is invading the drier bits of bog. We don’t want to get rid of it entirely as birds and insects like it, but just thin it out a bit as too much and it dries out the bog. This method uses no herbicides and is only limited by the extent of Finn’s enthusiasm.

Work is still needed to perfect this technique and Finn is improving his plant identification skills all the time. This is just part of Finn’s role on the Stirling NNRs that includes clearing litter, welcoming and entertaining volunteers and re-arranging sticks.

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  1. peigimccann says:

    Wow, super dog!

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