Tune in, get out – for the dawn chorus

Flanders Moss NNR
A fantastic project is growing at Flanders Moss at the moment. Over the last couple of weeks, S3 art and music pupils from Wallace High in Stirling have been tuning in and getting out at Flanders. The group braved crack of dawn starts and cold winds to sample the lovely sounds of Flanders very early in the morning and they are now rising to the challenge of recreating the experience in picture and sound form.
The group got to focus on the bird song around them and find out a bit about why Flanders Moss is special and then some started drawing while others started recording.

After a hearty breakfast they then set to work indoors and have since had further sessions in their classrooms back at school to create their art works.

The final pictures will be exhibited at Flanders during the Forth Valley Open Studio week (8-16 June) and beyond, while the soundscapes will form the soundtrack of part of a short film about the whole project.

You will find out more about this project on the blog as it develops.

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