From wet stuff to dry


As part of a seasonal job migration I am heading away from the 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands to spend the next 6 months working at Forvie NNR, north of Aberdeen.

This is a fabulous nature site of seabirds and sand dunes, coastal heath and cliffs, mudflats and mist and I am very excited about learning all about new species and habitats there. I might even be let loose on social media when up there, if so you will be able to find out what I am up to.



I even found a bit of hare’s tail cotton grass in case I missed the bogs.



But the really good news is that the 2 bogs and swamp will be in very good hands with Stephen Longster having returned in the nick of time to hold the fort together and Amee Hood, who you will remember cut her nature reserve teeth on the bogs (here and here)  and will return to be the Reserve Manager for 6 months and add a welcome dash of enthusiasm and youth to the team. The Dream Team will be in charge so keep reading the blog (as I will be) to find out what is the latest happening on 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands.


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