Exploring living things and their habitat

Blawhorn Moss

It has been just over a year since I left Stirling NNRs and there could be no better way to return to the moss than with P5 Blackridge Primary School. Blawhorn is a reserve where I can see huge potential helping the local school to deliver and facilitate their curriculum for excellence and helping them to connect with nature.  Best of all, Blawhorn is easily accessible for the school – just a mile’s walk from the school gate!


The NNR work in partnership with Beechbrae (you will have read about them in previous blogs) and the reason why we do this is that we can achieve more working together than alone.

The sessions with p5 were spread over 2 days, both lead by Sammy at Beechbrae, and Dave and myself splitting the 2 days. The sessions focused on all living things, exploring Blawhorn’s history and the plants we found.

Being away from Blawhorn Moss NNR for over a year now, I was a bit rusty but I just knew the children would have learnt and retained the information from Dave and soon my memory would be refreshed.

P5 did not disappoint! Dave had well and truly educated the children and left me with the bug hunt and pond dipping.

Whilst the morning working with the P5 was rewarding, the best aspect of my day was returning to the school waiting in the corridor and having the children who I worked with last year on the Blackridge Primary Go Pokémon project came up and speak to me.


Great news that the nature club will be running for its second time this year: The Bogridge Guides.  Hopefully this outdoor visit to the moss will inspire some of the p5 to be involved.

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