4 Hands better than 2

Flanders Moss, NNR

Since Dave was left on his own for the past year, there is a very long list of jobs which weren’t achievable or practical to tackle alone! Even with the superstar, Finn (the bog dog) Natural birch control helping him. So now the team is the 2 of us (myself and Stephen) and soon to be 3 with a new student placement about to start early July.


Steve is tackling the list and the first job was removing the Daleck (electric fence box); a bit of back breaking work but we finally got it out. It may have been quite amusing to watch but less said on that.


As you can see we are two very wet and soggy reserve officers but that won’t stop us from smiling being back out on the NNRs, doing what we love, grafting hard.



Some may be annoyed with 3 days of consistent rain but the bog was in dire need of this: the sundews were doing their thing  (eating midges), so keep an eye open when walking the boardwalk.

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