Caroline on the bog

Flanders Moss, NNR

From 8th -16th June, Flanders Moss will be one of the many hosts for the Forth Valley art beat which is Central Scotland’s open studios and art event.


For the last couple of days Steve and myself, along with many others, have been helping prepare the moss behind the scenes, but today was the day we would help assist Caroline to the bog.

A lot of care had to be taken as Caroline has been hand crafted from Willow which makes her very fragile and very precious to all those involved in creating her.


No pressure for Steve, volunteer David McCulloch or me!


Caroline would love to see you this weekend, so why not pop along to Flanders Moss. If you listen closely you may be able to hear Caroline call.


Around the boardwalk you will see some magnificent art work from Wallace High School created through the Dawn Chorus project.

For the next 2 weekends you will also get the opportunity to meet Steve and Amee who will be manning the viewing tower between 12-4pm. We’d love to meet you all and answer any questions you might have.



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2 Responses to Caroline on the bog

  1. David McCulloch says:

    She looks amazing!


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