An Early Morning On The Marsh


One of the nicer tasks on Loch Lomond (among many) is the Breeding Bird Survey.

It involves walking around the marshes at a gentle pace looking and listening for birds early in the morning during the months of April, May and June.DSCN3489

This year, May was the best of the surveys: a really nice sunny morning with a tinge of frost and lots of birds about.

The Reserve was really spectacular, with Loch Lomond looking its mystical best, steaming gently in the background


Inchailloch in the mist

The unseasonably dry weather also made it much easier to get about the swamps and mires.


May mud

It’s on mornings like this that you realise how many spiders are out and about. And what a webby place the rushes are.


The landscape changes through the year and by June the rain had refilled the muddy flats and the warmer weather had dissipated the mists.


June ponds


Creinch and Torrinch in the clouds

This being a bird survey, you may wonder why there are no birdy pictures.  There’s a very simple answer; I’m rubbish at taking pictures of anything that moves e.g. mammals, insects birds, people etc

phone 018

This is fairly typical of my efforts, could be a Coypu, Chicken, Beaver or any number of things. It is in fact a Buzzard.

I’ll leave the clever wildlife photography to those who know what they’re doing

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