Dipterists on tour

Flanders Moss & Loch Lomond NNR

The National Nature Reserves we manage at Stirling are some of the best examples of Scotland’s wildlife and habitats, so when we were approached BY the Dipterists’ Forum, which is the UK Society for Flies, looking to arrange a field visit to two of our reserves it was such a good opportunity to get top experts recording on these reserves, we were delighted to welcome them with open arms.


The Dipterists of around 20+  people, including many leading national experts, based themselves at Stirling University for a week-long summer field visit. Their main objective was to record the fly fauna of a wide range of sites within the area for conservation purposes.


Loch Lomond has a variety of fen communities, carr woodland, heavily vegetated pools, and swamps.  Flanders Moss is one of the best areas of peatland, plus has a variety of other habitats including lag fen, old alder coppice and other fringe wetland habitats. So we were hopeful we could help them meet either objectives. Although neither Steve nor myself were fly experts, we could however confirm we have flies on our sites and the ones we mainly grumble about  are the biting ones.

In due course the Dipterists will combine all their recordings in a species list, but as you may appreciate this will take a while to collate. So you will all need to be patient and keep an eye out for that blog post alert. Until then here’s just a glimpse of some of the species they found.

Bearded fly (Scathophagid, Pogonota barbata) found on Flanders Moss

Snail-killing fly Sepedon sphegea and of a bumble-bee mimicking hoverfly Volucella pellucens


On behalf of Steve and myself, we would like to give thanks to Robert Wolton, chairman for the Dipterists’ Forum who contacted SNH in including our reserves as part of their summer week’s field study trip in Scotland. Steve had a great time hosting you for the two days and you are very welcome to come back.




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