Dawn Chorus Video

Flanders Moss, NNR

Flanders Moss is a special place, a wild and natural peatland surrounded by the intensively farmed land on the Carse of Stirling.

Hopefully you have been keeping up with the recent blogs and are aware of the art project we have been working with Wallace High School. If not, before you watch the video below, please go back and read the Tune in get out & Willow weaving the Curlew.

Pupils from the Wallace High School headed out one spring at dawn to experience Flanders Moss at the height of the songbird chorus. As the pupils learned about the bog and its inhabitants they captured what they were seeing and hearing with the help of artist, Jessica Langford and sound recordist, Molly Schutten.   Later in the day they worked with weaver, Kate Sankey to create a giant willow curlew, which is one of the Carse of Stirling’s threatened birds that they saw on the day.

This short film is all about the pupils impression of the special wildlife site seen at a special time of day and year.


The soundscape is a stand alone piece, one that should be included on your playlist.

On behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage we’d like to wish everyone involved in creating Dawn Chorus project a huge ‘well done’, whether that has been creating your own interpretation through drawing, willow weaving Caroline the Curlew or producing the sound track and film.



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