Summer Nature Club – Year 2

Blawhorn Moss, NNR 

This is the second year running where we have run a Summer Nature Club in partnership with Beechbrae over the summer holidays.  This is an excellent opportunity to get local young people outside, having fun, learning in the outdoors and gaining skills, understanding their natural environment and really appreciating nature, all which lies very close to their local village.

You will remember that last year Dave had been involved in this club and wrote many blogs all about the wonderful activities – The Bogridge Guides and “I want a body part”….what the bogridge guides had to say. So, for the next 3 weeks Steve and myself will be out twice a week with Sammy from Beechbrae wood. 

Day 1 was very much getting to know everyone and settling in which meant it was 4 hours of playing games and going on a woodland walk around Beechbrae. Steve is a fantastic botanist so he was pointing out all the plants and we all helped in carrying out some small management jobs such as highlighting any dog poo on the trail.

Not to mentioned having a play on the Tarzan swing. All in all, we all got extremely wet, laughed a lot, got muddy and ate a bunch of Sorrel.

Day 2 was up at Blawhorn Moss where we talked a bit about why the moss is special and the value of Peatlands. The weather was kinder to us today and it was beautiful; not too windy, not too hot and not too wet. A camera was given to the group and they all took turns in taking pictures of each activity they were doing.


We started of pond dipping and we found Damselflies, Water boatmen, Water skaters and Dylan managed to find the largest Water beetle which has to be the best find for today.  We also went on a hunt for pellets and skulls since last year they found one with Dave but we only found one small pellet which was rather wet. So we will dry that out for next week to have a look.

Steve also led an activity looking at peat depth where we ran out of rods and reached down to 5 metres! Very impressive!


Next week we will do a peat core and look at the history of the land, making it another impressive week.

To end the second day Sammy had arranged some fresh strawberries and cream for us all back at Beechbrae along with some peas.

So all in all,  a great success for the first week of the nature club.




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