A variety of ecosystems in one place!

Flanders Moss, NNR

Last weekend Steve helped support a guided walk in partnership with Plantlife.  In return we asked for their thoughts on why they choose Flanders Moss and how the walk went. This is what they had to say:

Plantlife is 30 years old this year! To celebrate, we went on a special members’ walk through an important plant area, Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve! This ancient and panoramic reserve has a wonderful circular bog trail, and with the help of Steve Longster from SNH, we set out to discover what Flanders Moss has to offer!


And it did not disappoint! We were particularly pleased to see a beautiful wildflower meadow near the car park; such a variety of ecosystems in one place! The weather was on our side and we had a full turnout from Plantlife members so it was definitely a perfect day! We saw many wonderful plants including lot of sphagnum mosses, round-leaved sundew, cranberry, bog asphodel, and plenty of dragonflies! We are truly fortunate to have such an amazing reserve in Scotland, and we are even more fortunate to have such a great partnership with SNH!


Click on Plantlife for more information on how you can discover wild plants and the work they do. 


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