Summer Nature club – Week 3

Blawhorn Moss, NNR 

Week 3 seen us come to the end of our Summer Nature Club for 2019, we spent two full days at Beechbrae where Sammy got the young group to decided on how they wanted to spend their last couple of days.

Day 5

The group had a hidden talent of art which we never knew about, they loved drawing and were very artistic. It also kept them very quiet and Sammy had to remind them it was lunch time.

Some created and decorated jam jars to help butterflies as part of our pollinator strategy – the jar lid had a small hole where cotton wool was fed through to act as a wick and for sugar water inside the jar.  Then the artists picked a location within the woodland to hang the jar up.

After lunch Sammy taught the group on how to carve their own stick for roasting their own marshmallow and how to start a fire but before they were let loose a further safety talk was needed. Only two knifes were allowed at the one time due to the adult to young people ratio so whist two were carving away the rest of the group were off gathering wood for the fire.

Day 6

With the extreme warm weather the group wanted to spend their last day having a water fight in the woodland, so to bring a close to the nature club their wish came true and they all brought in their own water guns.


Whether Steve, Sammy or myself got involved in the water fight is a question we will leave unanswered but before they embraced the war on each other on cooling down they had to gather wood because after the water fight they would be gaining more fire making skills and creating a fire pit for their calzone pizza they would cook for lunch.

It was sad when the clock rolled 2pm as that was the end of the Summer Nature Club for 2019.  It was lovely to hear all the young people talk about how they were going to keep in touch and how some are now going to see about joining the local scouts. The group loved being in the outdoors and learning outside a school classroom.  The summer nature club has helped form young people in neighbouring communities to come together who would not normally meet until they went to the local high school, which can be rather daunting for some. It has kept them busy over the summer holidays which can also be hard for families. We stay hopeful that we can secure funding for next year to work in partnership with Beechbrae to open this opportunity up to other young people in the community for the summer holidays to connect them with nature.


We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Sammy at Beechbrae who was the driving force for this summer nature club.  She brought skills Steve and myself couldn’t bring and organisation skills in rounding up the young people to attend. We work closely with Sammy as we honestly couldn’t do this on our own due to resources: she helps us achieve our aim of connecting people with nature and linking it all back to Blawhorn Moss NNR.

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  1. Fab update, great ideas.


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