The tower is open!


A couple of weeks ago the reserve staff became concerned with some of the decking, which was looking quite worn and had become partially rotten. Deciding it was better to be ‘safe than sorry’ the assessment was to close the tower until repairs were completed

Over the last ten years the tower has become one of the most notable pieces of infrastructure on the NNRs and gets a huge amount of use and not just from visitors: it’s the main viewing point for Hen harrier counts by reserve staff.

Hen harrier count
Hen Harrier Count

The viewing tower is 10 years old this year and has worn extremely well. Built of Scottish Oak, it has weathered rain, snow, ice, heat, wind, sun; in fact everything the Scottish climate could throw at it

Snowy tower
Tower in winter
Tower snow man
Snowman on the tower
Spring tower
Tower in spring
summer tower
A summer morning
Autumn tower
Autumn gales

The decking has been replaced and the tower is now safe.

New timbers on the tower

The tower was re-opened on Thursday, in time for the (if the predictions are right) nice sunny weekend.

The ‘Curlew Project’ art work from Wallace High school is still on display and visitors can once again enjoy the vista of Flanders Moss and the surrounding hills.

Many thanks to David Pickett for (unknowingly) providing the photos (the interesting ones anyway). Not having many photos of the tower myself, I lifted the seasonal ones from Dave’s past Blog posts.

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