Mushroom mania!

This week we took a trip to the islands at Loch Lomond with the volunteers! We headed out into the wind on a bumpy boat ride to Torrinch where we did a litter pick around the island and checked on a patch of bamboo and rhododendron that had been cleared the year before. Things were looking good and there was barely any rhododendron to be seen!

Map of the Loch Lomond islands
View over to Creinch from Torrinch

Next up on our island tour we stopped at Inchcailloch for lunch and watched the Osprey flying over the loch.

Finally, we headed to Clairinsh to continue our litter pick which turned into a bit of a mushroom hunt – they were everywhere! We were fascinated by the diversity of what we found and have since managed to identify some of them.

Fly agaric
Common stump brittlestem
Pholiota tuberculosa or maybe sulphur tuft
Milk white brittlegill

Some of them are still a total mystery to us and we haven’t a scooby what they are… If you have any ideas let us know!

We have no idea…
Nope, dunno this one either…
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