Glorious sunshine on Flanders – 2nd October

We have had the joy of some glorious sunny weather here – golden sunshine, a wee frosty nip in the air, a light breeze and a brilliant blue sky. The sort of day that makes your heart sing and perhaps all the more so in October, as days like this become all the rarer as we head deeper into autumn and winter.

View towards Ben Lomond

I had the opportunity to pop out to the Moss today so with no hesitation whatsoever, off I went. My first port of call was the tower – always great to enjoy the view from up there and see the expanse of the moss below and gaze towards the hills. Looking down, I could see several groups of people working away. As Wednesday is volunteering day on the Moss, I popped down to see what the team were up to.

Flanders Moss – with volunteers working in the centre.
Stephen from our NNR team (in red dry suit, centre) working with SNH, British Dragonfly staff, Network Rail staff and volunteers.

Stephen, our Reserve Officer, was working with volunteers, some of them up to their oxters in the bog deepening and widening ponds for dragonflies, with others removing the birch seedlings that colonize the moss so readily. And I must say, everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves!

I was also very pleased to meet a lovely canine helper too.

And despite the overnight chill there were still lots of dragonflies on the wing, many of them landing on the boardwalk and signage to bask in the sunshine. (Apologies for fuzzy photos).

Common darter (male).

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Moss. If you ever need a blast of fresh air, a bit of perspective on things and the chance to be absorbed and fascinated by your surroundings, Flanders is an ideal place to go.

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4 Responses to Glorious sunshine on Flanders – 2nd October

  1. David McCulloch says:

    The volunteers were in fact a mix of SNH’s own volunteers (incl. me) and volunteers from Network Rail.


  2. David McCulloch says:

    …and I forgot to mention British Dragonfly Society staff and volunteers too!


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