Dawn Chorus & Under The Microscope Exhibition

Dawn Chorus & Under The Microscope Exhibition

For the last couple of weeks The Macroberts Art Centre at Stirling University has been exhibiting the art from the Dawn Chorus and Under the Microscope projects which really promotes Flanders Moss and the creative environmental education work we do with young people.

As most of you already know, Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve is the largest raised bog in the UK. ‘Dawn Chorus’ and ‘Under The Microscope ‘ is inspired by the birds and extraordinary plants that live on the bog, which provides a rich habitat for wildlife.

Over the last two years we have turned our boardwalk at Flanders Moss into an outdoor art exhibition, and now thanks to artist, Jessica Langford and Kate Sankey (West Moss-side) the exhibition continues to show the works produced, raising awareness of this very important habitat and the species found there.

Under the Microscope
Under the Microscope

The level of detail the young artists have captured in their art is spectacular and continues to blow our mind with how talented our young people are.

The exhibition will continue until the 8th November, so feel free to pop into the Stirling University – following the link above for further information.

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