People, Peat and Poetry Project – 10 year anniversary

Flanders Moss, NNR

Recently we have been going through the shelves that stand behind the team’s desk, and came across files of all the wonderful projects the Stirling Reserve team have been involved in. We noticed that a cover of a disk was approaching 10 years old this month ‘People, Peat and Poetry’ and thought ‘let’s have a look and see if it shows us any visible changes to the moss’.

Scottish Natural Heritage innovative poetry project focused on the oral history, bio-diversity and wild beauty of Flanders Moss. Four poets worked with the local nursery, playgroup, primary schools, secondary schools and writers group using a range of styles from nursery rhymes to ballad, from haiku to rap. The result is ‘People, Peat and Poetry’, a rich tapestry of of poetry inspired by Flanders moss.

This project was also supported by Forth Valley and Lomond Leader: we can achieve more when working together. Over the month we will be publishing the videos the local schools took part in, 10 years has been and gone. Of course, everyone has aged since then so you will notice some familiar faces. Quite possibly the people who were all involved will be doing some reminiscing……. (in a good way).

Remember to like an share the blog, that way everyone who stars in the videos sees it!

Stay Tuned!

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