A flick through the photo album……

Recently I was asked to add some images to a post from our media library. This gave me a chance to delve into our image bank. Over the lifespan of this blog the NNR team have amassed a collection of some fantastic photographs taken out and about on site at Blawhorn, Flanders and around Loch Lomond.

So here is a selection of some amazing images capturing the myriad glories to be found on our wonderful NNRs. (And remember, Blawhorn, Flanders and Loch Lomond are absolutely free and open to all, 24/7).

The images above are all of Flanders, taken in June and show just how colourful the bog can be, absolutely bursting with life and what an exciting place this NNR is to explore.

Brilliant Blawhorn – showing the boardwalk, some of the bunds helping the bog retain water and some glorious green moss (sphagnum), which is one of the building blocks of the bog.

Loch Lomond and Endrick Mouth in June and July – with an osprey flying above.

August – a great time to see all sorts of beasties, large and small, out on the reserves….

Some dragonflies and damselflies….jewel bright, flitting around the moss.

September – October – hares hunkering down, fungi and cranberries….

Autumn heading into winter – the geese and swans appear back, frosts return, days shorten…

November, December & January – dark skies, ice everywhere, snow flurries, biting winds, tingling cold and if you’re luck, the aurora.

February, March & April. Spring is here …and the whole dance starts again…..though in truth, the wheel of the year is always turning, so it never really stopped!

April & May – almost back to where we started….

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, experience all the wonderful weather, scenery and species the Scottish year has to offer – and explore our amazing NNRs for yourself!

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