Some sort of Amphibian

Blawhorn Moss, NNR

Normally out on the moss we come across pellets or feathers and very rarely do we come across a skeleton. Heading out onto the moss to check for another job which will be added to the list I stumbled across this skeleton within the moss.

Looking at its skeleton I would say it would have to be some sort of Amphibian, you can identify the vertebra, after having a google search of skeletons of newts/salamander the sticking out bones is of its pelvis and then it travels down towards what looks likes its caudal vertebrae i.e. its tail . As the moss is extremely wet, and this was found near the pond one would presume it must be of a newt/salamander. What has caused its death, we would presume either a bird or a small mammal. This is just another murder mystery which will be left unsolved.

The walk from the car park down to the moss is lovely for this time of year. The autumn colours are vibrant and within the confer plantation there are many large cones with small birds feeding on them but due to the lack of photography skills and not carrying my binoculars I wasn’t able to identify them.

That will be left for another day!

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3 Responses to Some sort of Amphibian

  1. That’s a very strange looking skeleton. I googled salamander and newt skeleton, but didn’t find anything that looked like it.


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