Bog Jellydisc

Flanders Moss, NNR

A couple of weeks ago my eyes were captured to this funny looking object when taking a stroll around the board walk. At first I wasn’t intending to get too close and picked up a stick to give it a poke. From standing up looking down onto the moss I thought it was either some sort of intestine, either way I wasn’t going to get my hands too dirty…… it was getting too close to lunch time.

Once I saw there was a steam I thought it was safe to get a bit closer: it had a distinct odor of mushroom and felt like jelly. This was the first time I have came across something like this and trying to narrow down what kind of fungi species this could be, I needed some help.

Just like google, social media is a great channel in trying to find out something if stuck. We don’t all need to know everything and people have different expertise in different fields so I asked the question on Instagram and someone got back to me stating “a reliable fungi group suggests this is “definitely a typical Sarcoleotia turficola ( = Ascocoryne turficola)” That at least narrowed it down for me to start a search.

So, if this is correct the common name for this is Bog Jellydisc (quite fitting for how it felt) according to the NBN Atlas there has only been 39 records in the UK and one of the unconfirmed records is just outside Stirling (not to far away from Flanders Moss NNR). It could be that this fungi is just under recorded but I will continue to learn more.

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