The last boat ride of 2019

Loch Lomond, NNR

Since Stephen’s return back to the NNRs, the boat has been well used this summer in tackling INNS (Invasive non-native species) hosting many thrilling volunteer events. But the boat is not only used to facilitate volunteer events in helping tackle our conservation aims and objectives for the reserve. It’s also used to facilitate other area staff within SNH who are having to deal with case work for the protected areas which require the NNR boat.

Before the boat came out of the water, Kevin (previous NNR officer) was the driver for Gavin (Forth Area officer) in getting him out to one of the lochs islands. This was Gavin’s first trip, so this is what he had to say about the day:

“A few days ago we were lucky enough to take to the water on Loch Lomond to assist in the planning of a potential event on some of the islands, loch and surrounding environment.

The day was spectacular with the water like a mirror, reflecting  the autumn colours: pale greens, striking yellows glowing oranges and russet reds.  Besides the noise of the boat’s engine the loch was remarkably quiet with very few birds and hardly any other people so it was a tranquil journey.

Visiting a couple of islands, one where few feet tread  was a particular treat, significant for its bryophyte assemblage (liverworts, hornworts and mosses). They reproduce from spores rather than seeds and are a particularly delicate group of plants. The Physcomitrium sphaericum Dwarf bladder moss is a particularly beautiful example but is a near threatened species in conservation terms.

So the end of the season of having access to the boat has now come to an end for us at Loch Lomond (until next year)! The boat has now been taken out of the water. You might remember a blog a couple of years ago called Lucky for some – Friday 13th , this was just one of the many days I loved about working on the reserve and looking back, you can’t help but laugh, reminiscing. Even the best laid plans can go wrong!

Just another day for the reserve officers, working on the NNRs.

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