A trip to the lochan

Lochan on Flanders Moss

Last week we took a trip out to the lochan on the north side of Flanders Moss to see what we could find. The lochan is thought to be a man-made feature as it is the same depth the whole way round.

It was a beautiful crisp Autumn day and we could see the first snowfall of the year on the hills.

On our walk out to the lochan, Amee showed me one of the Water Level Range Gauges (WALRAGS), which are used monitor water levels on the bog. There are 12 of them scattered across Flanders and they are checked 4 times a year.


We saw another red kite! Up until last year I had never seen a kite before and now I am lucky enough to see them regularly. Following a successful reintroduction programme by the RSPB and SNH, between 1996 and 2001, red kites now breed in this area and can often be seen from the viewing tower on Flanders.

When we finally reached the lochan after trekking across the bog, it was pretty quiet with just a few ducks on it. We didn’t get a good look at them before they took off but we thought that they might be Goldeneye.

On our way back we had a look at some plastic piling Amee had put in with the volunteers a few years ago. Amee said that the vegetation in that area had changed a lot since she’d last seen it and there were far more Molinia grasses than before.

It was great to get out to a new area of the bog and explore another of Flanders’ hidden treasures!

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