Don’t let your Mondays (week) get bogged down!

Loch Lomond, NNR

For all you car commuters, I’m sure you can all relate to the experience of huffing and puffing in the icy mornings and having to factor getting up 10- 15 minutes early to defrost the car. This bitter cold weather we are experiencing is due to an arctic swell but whilst we are waking up to -3 -4 possibly -5, and many complain, I personally would much rather have more days having to get up early to defrost the car (along with my hands) because I know just how bright and beautiful the rest of the day will be. I’d happily have mornings this cold over mornings blowing a gale with rain any day.

My 6 months acting as Dave will come to an end this week. Becoming the reserve manager for 3 National Nature Reserves spread miles apart has been challenging: sadly, getting my hands dirty doing the practical work I love just didn’t happen as much as I’d have liked. I would have loved to tell you that I got out loads and hardly got bogged down with paper work and politics but that would be fibbing…..I suppose that’s what happens when you take on managerial roll. This Monday came and it was -3, so as soon as I arrived in the office, I grabbed the keys and the truck was getting defrosted! I was heading out to Loch Lomond NNR.

Next week will be the first dawn goose count (which I’ll miss ) so I wanted to make sure to capture the beauty which Dave will return to next week. Winter has to be my favorite season on our reserves.

The loch was really low which meant the sand bank was exposed, tracks and trails had me on a goose chase (but no geese were in sight).

In winter Grey wagtail move to lowland areas and can be spotted in farmyards and even in towns. They mainly eat ants and midges which explains them feeding on the exposed areas where the cattle fed through the summer.

Grey Wagtail in flight
Grey Wagtail

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