It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as yesterday was Christmas tree cutting day on Flanders Moss. This is actually an attractively marketed work party where SNH staff go out onto the moss to cut invading Scots pine seedlings that are threatening to take over valuable bog habitat. In payment for a hard day’s graft the participants get to take home what are probably the greenest and most environmentally friendly Christmas trees ever.


Someone in the group must have had a good contacts or was particularly righteous because the weather was spectacular; the only blue sky day sandwiched between 2 wedges of biblical rain and wind. The moss was looking particularly wet, great from a bog manager’s point of view but hard work for those not used to bog plodding. But the group got stuck in (both physically and mentally) and cut a huge area of seedlings so leaving the moss in a better state that when they arrived.

A handy dead Scots pine provided coat and bags hooks as it was too wet to leave much on the ground. It could become the next art project?


Steve then carted all of the Christmas trees off the moss on the iron horse – the first outing on the bog for this new machine.


So, thanks for all those that helped and hope that they enjoy the little bit of Flanders Moss that they will have in their living room over the festive season.

Part of the fun is watching ambitious Christmas trees accommodated into cars. Matt managed this one fine though the drive back may have been a bit uncomfortable.



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