New Year pledges from the Stirling NNR Team

Stirling NNRs

The blog has been a bit quiet recently but this is us getting it going again. First up – New Year resolutions.

It is now 2020 and we are in the middle of a climate and biodiversity crisis. The situation can be improved if everyone does their bit. And by this I mean that you don’t have to be the perfect carbon-free, zero impact individual but it is a percentage game and if everyone was able to modify their lifestyles to reduce consumption, carbon usage and impact on biodiversity then huge improvements would happen to the world around us.
So, with this in mind the Stirling NNR team have made a few specific pledges on improving the way we work and where we work to help biodiversity and reduce our carbon footprint.

  1. More wildflowers –  at the car parks of both Flanders and Blawhorn there are some patches of wild flowers. We will work to increase the areas, the management, the range of wildflower species and the number of wild flowers in these places. Not only does this make a good welcome to the nature reserves and are beautiful to look at but they are vitally important for invertebrates that use them.


2. Re-use, reduce, recycle – we will maximise the amounts of rubbish we pick up that we put to be recycled by sorting it. We are also going to reduce the amount of equipment we have by finding new homes for machinery we rarely or never use.  If possible we will borrow equipment rather than buy new pieces. We also aim to re-use as much material as possible. This means tasks such as using old sign boards for footbridges, fence posts will be stored and reused and plastic containers reused for tool storage. This all helps to minimise our consumption of valuable resources.


3. Composting is good – using peat in gardens destroys bog habitat. All peat used in gardens comes from a bog somewhere and if you dig up peat this removes valuable homes for rare animals and plants, releases carbon into an already changing climate and can increase flooding. But there are loads of really good peat-free products or you can make you own by home composting. So every group we talk to, we will tell them about the damage caused by using peat in gardens and what they can do to help bogs instead.  And of course be peat-free when gardening at home.


4. Influencers – We will become social media influences sponsored only by and promoting Scottish wildlife (though we might be open to others’ offers!). We will use our social media channels to tell people all about the fantastic wildlife and nature reserves that we see, aiming to enthuse and enlighten, and give information on how people can help.

5. Fighting fit – Many people make resolutions to get fit and healthy in the new year so we pledge to continue to offer volunteer sessions which enable people to get outside and improve their physical and mental health and well being by connecting with nature and others. Let us know if you want to join in.


6. Stop, look and enjoy – running 3 reserves across 60 miles of central Scotland can get very busy, and hectic at times, so this year we pledge to take the time to be mindful and make sure we enjoy our reserves and all they have to offer.


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