Andy Stewart visits Loch Lomond NNR ?

Loch Lomond NNR

We have been doing some sorting of files in the office. It is a fascinating insight to our reserves and gives an idea of the changes in reserve management that have happened over the 60 years. But there are some issues that don’t change much.
The other day, in a dusty Loch Lomond NNR file I came across 3 file notes that highlight this.
The first, from June 1962 notes that Reserve Officer, Mr Huxley has put up some new noticeboards on the island of Clairinch. Misuse of the island and littering was a concern even back then.

A couple of weeks later and he noted that the noticeboard was still present and in good order. IMG_0717

A year later a Mr Huxley dryly noted that though one of the noticeboards was still intact the one at the other end of the island had suffered a a less pleasant fate.

Assuming that it is the great Andy Stewart, Scottish singer, entertainer and songwriter, referred to (for those that don’t know him ask your Grandparents ),  in 1963 he was at the peak of his fame and popularity and still basking in the glory of his greatest hit “Donald Where’s Your Trooosers?”.  Definitely worth a listen to.

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