Flanders Moss NNR

The other day in the office we were talking about what wildlife gives you a bit of zip when you see it. I said dolphins, whales and adders. Then Paul said otters. The next day at Flanders I was bumbling along the edge of the Goodie water when a rustle and a splash woke me up very quickly and there were 2 otters at the edge of the river in front of me. In 20 years of connection with Flanders these were the first I have ever seen on the reserve. For years I have been seeing the odd poo and signs but no live otters until now.

And what a show they gave me. They knew I was there with the bog dog but really didn’t seem very bothered. After a little while I realised that there was a regular squeaking coming from the opposite bank and before long another smaller otter appeared. I followed them along the bank quietly and then as otters do like magic they just disappeared. I thought they must appear somewhere so we sat still and then right under our noses the youngster appeared, peering out at the bog dog who just stared back. And then it calmly headed downstream joined by the romping adults. What a magical experience. And yes, Paul was right, otters do give you a bit of zip, I am still buzzing now!

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3 Responses to OTTERS !

  1. David McCulloch says:

    Looks like an amazingly close encounter. I’m envious. Bog Dog was clearly very well behaved.

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  2. Ladylanders says:

    Magical indeed! And great images. Other wildlife that gives you a zip – well, I love seeing Kingfishers (have seen them only rarely, on the Allan and the Ettrick) and even then, often just out of the corner of my eye as they zoom past at velocity.

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