The small deer

Flanders Moss NNR

You never quite know what you might see when you visit Flanders. And because of this it is always worth going slow and quiet when you leave the car park and head out on the path. This morning a quiet walk up to the top of the tower revealed some of the local inhabitants enjoying the bog right in the middle of the path circuit. A group of 4 roe deer were lingering and we got some fine views of them before they quietly wandered back into the cover of the woodlands. Roe deer aren’t rare and you get to see them quite often but not usually as well as this.

At Flanders there is a lot of focus on the red deer and the problems that the high population is causing. So the roe deer go under the radar a bit. When there is a lot of red deer activity in an area the roe deer move away but with the red deer dispersing a bit it is interesting to see the small roe raise their profile a bit.

So if you are heading down to the moss for a visit, just go a bit slow and keeps your eyes skinned as you never know what might be around.

I wasn’t the only one to be watching the deer quietly.

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