Respite from the news

Stirling NNRs

In these difficult times nature and nature reserves may become even more important than they already are (if that is possible). Both as a first hand experience and from a distance.

The Stirling NNRs are full of nature and close to where many people live in central Scotland. At the moment there are no plans to close them to visitors so, providing social distancing is being practiced, (yes, even the night time visitors to the car parks!) all are welcome to gain some respite from the news. These are places that once you leave the car parks you get some distance between you and the real world and can temporarily escape the goings on back there, which can be good for the mind and body.

And for those that can’t visit physically then pictures and words on the happenings on the reserves might help to take the mind away from the anxiety of what is going on around you.

The Stirling NNR team is currently getting organised to working in a different way. But despite this we will aim to bring as much of the happenings on the nature reserve as possible to you on social media. Foremost through the this blog but we also have a Flanders Moss NNR facebook and instagram pages.

So if you want to get every update then best sign on as a follower for an email notification for the blog or check out the other social media pages to follow.

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