We struck gold!

Always in search of the next thrill, we have been up to some more extreme sport high speed birding (don’t try this at home guys)! A few weeks ago from the truck window we spotted a small flock of golden plover on one of the fields surrounding Flanders Moss NNR – this was an exciting birding first for me!

Golden plover spend most of the winter in large flocks feeding on lowland fields and coastal flats (much like lapwing) and move north to the uplands and moorlands to breed in summer. This flock may have been passing through the Carse, making their way up to the Highlands in time for the fair weather.

They are certainly ready for it as they have started to come into their summer plumage. In winter adult birds have a pale underside and face which turns jet black coming into summer. They get their name from the speckled gold plumage on their backs which gives them a golden appearance from a distance.

It was such a treat to see these beautiful birds for the first time and I hope they will be making an appearance again next year!

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