Stirling NNR Update

Stirling NNRs

Just a post to update our readers of the situation with the Stirling NNRs and what we, the NNR staff are doing.

The new measures announced last Monday are very clear and therefore SNH has closed all of its NNR visitor facilities and car parks for the health and safety of both visitors and staff. So that means for the Stirling NNRs the car park at Flanders Moss and Blawhorn Moss are shut and not to be used. Visitors are still welcome to visit the reserves but only if they live locally and can walk or cycle to the sites and follow social distancing guidelines when there.

Steve, Ellen and myself are all working from home at the moment, in whatever way we can. None of us do very well in captivity and it means that we are now doing paperwork that we thought we had avoided by taking these jobs!

So as light relief for you (and even more so for us) we will be putting onto the blog pictures, writings and videos from past years for your enlightenment and entertainment, so we can bring the bogs, islands and swamps to your home – virtually.

We will keep you up to date with any changes in the situation as they happen.

If you have an experiences, videos or photos taken on Flanders Moss NNR, Blawhorn Moss NNR or Loch Lomond NNR that you would like to share on the blog then please send them to me at and I can put you onto the blog fame and fortune awaits!

#staysafe, #staylocal

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