Fuel for day dreaming

Stirling NNRs

With us all confined to barracks, the Stirlng NNRs are now only accessible in person for those that can walk and cycle to them. In my village people are focusing a lot more on the environment immediately around us but after time this might wear thin and there are many living in flats, towns and cities who aren’t lucky enough to have easy access to the natural world.

So a bit of day dreaming about past outside experiences, fantastic places visited and beautiful wildlife seen will be essential for most people to get through this difficult time. We hope to give you some fuel for day dreaming on the Stirling NNR blog. If the day isn’t going so well, or as a break from work (or family!) or as a revitiliser, you could always drop in on the blog and let the mind wander.

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1 Response to Fuel for day dreaming

  1. ebirdnature says:

    Love this! We just need some VR headsets now..


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