In the pink

Flanders Moss NNR

Peggy Edwards, who is one of our top blog supporters, heeded the call for photos and sent through a whole raft of her fantastic shots of Flanders. So I will be sharing them with readers over the next few weeks for a bit of a Flanders and nature fix.

Peggy is a photographer and botanical illustrator amongst other things, and splits her time between California and Scotland so she knows a botanically rich place when she sees one. More info and pictures here.

This selection is a blast of late summer when the heather and cross leaved heath illuminates Flanders and the surrounding hills in a typically Scottish August colour pallete. Looking at these pictures and I can smell the heathy perfume and feel the damp warmth of Scotland in late summer. Sit back and enjoy…and you don’t even have to worry about midges!

Cross-leaved heath – Erica tetralix
Cross-leaved heath – Erica tetralix
Heather or Ling – Calluna vulgaris
Cross-leaved heath – Erica tetralix
Bell heather – Erica cinerea
All 3 species of heather

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