February on the Moss by Charlie Gracie

Flanders Moss NNR

Listen to Charlie reading his poem February on the Moss here:

February on the Moss

I am sat on a branch in a squat stalwart pine tree

in the boggy soak of Flanders Moss

the smell of the unawake land floats in the half still air

carried on the distant tractor burr

and the rain spits nearly frozen drops

tip tip tip tip

onto the parapluie of green above me

in the grey brown distance, its white houses not quite twinkling,

Kippen is slapped onto the wet rise of the hill

and above, the mist folds like a grey veil

parted only by a muted smear of sun

to the West, beyond the heathery tangle

and the slices of fawn grass

and the purpling leafless birch

and on and on till the unseen edge of Menteith

there is nothing

but wet beauty

Charlie Gracie

from his collection Good Morning published by diehard 2011

Charlie Gracie grew up in Baillieston, Glasgow.

His work has appeared in a range of anthologies and journals, with some listed for literary prizes, including the Bath Novel Award, Cambridge Short Story Prize and Bridport Poetry Prize.

His first novel, To Live With What You Are (2019) was published by Postbox Press. His poetry collections, Good Morning, (2011) and Tales from the Dartry Mountains (2020), were published by Diehard Press.

He is the 2020 official Scriever for the Federation of Writers (Scotland), and Chair of the Scottish Writers’ Centre.

He now lives in Thornhill, on the edge of Flanders Moss with his family.

You can learn more about Charlie’s creative work and buy his books at www.charliegracie.scot

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