On the boardwalk by photgrapher Peggy Edwards

Flanders Moss NNR

Peggy is a photographer and botanical illustrator amongst other things, and splits her time between California and Scotland so she knows a botanically rich place when she sees one. More info and pictures here. Here are her photos from the boardwalk.

One of my favourite times to visit Flanders Moss is on a sunny afternoon when the common lizards are basking on the boardwalk. If no one else has walked the walk within the past hour chances are I’ll see more than the lizards – black slugs, dragonflies, and a myriad of caterpillars: fox moth, emperor moth, and a yellow and black striped caterpillar I simply cannot identify (any ideas?). I imagine that when I leave the boardwalk, the birds must appear to take advantage of the easy insect picking!  

Fox moth caterpillar
Emperor moth caterpillar
Large red damselfly
Black darter
Common lizard
Shield bug
Common lizard
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2 Responses to On the boardwalk by photgrapher Peggy Edwards

  1. Stephen.longster says:

    Looks alot like a Drinker Moth


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