Latest guidelines to access to the countryside and the National Nature Reserves.

Stirling NNRs

Here is the latest guidence from the Scottish Government on access to the countryside:

Stay local – please don’t travel in your car to take exercise: instead, make use of the paths, open spaces & quiet roads in your own local area.

Stay at least 2m away from others and try to avoid busy times at popular paths or places.

Follow reasonable requests and signs to avoid farmyards, fields with pregnant/young livestock and other busy working areas. Try to avoid touching surfaces and if possible plan a route that avoids gates.

It’s important people walking dogs act responsibly, take notice of signs and keep dogs under control – put them on a lead or keep them close at heel and don’t let them approach other people/livestock.

For more information see here.

Access to Nastional Nature Reserves (NNR) – As a result of the latest advice from the UK and Scottish Governments public facilities, including visitor centres, toilets and car parks, on National Nature Reserves across Scotland are closed for the health and safety of both staff and visitors. More NNR information here.

Please adhere to government guidance on non-essential travel and do not drive to reserves

So Blawhorn Moss, Flanders Moss and Loch Lomond NNRs are open to walkers and cyclists but car parks are close until further notice.

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