Not jealous at all..

Flanders Moss NNR

With NNR staff still working from home and desperately missing our reserves we are glad that someone still gets to enjoy them.. if a little jealous. Ralph, one of our long-standing volunteers and Flanders Moss local, writes about his walk out to the lochan last week.

With the mountains still firmly off-limits unless I am prepared to undertake a particularly long walk-in, the lockdown has provided a good impetus to revisit some good local spots.

Last Friday I decided to go for a circuit of the lochan in the middle of Flanders. April has been incredibly dry, our records (which admittedly only go back to 2013 when we installed a weather station) suggest that unless we get a downpour in the next few days, it will be the driest month yet. This meant there was a reasonable chance I could complete the exercise without losing a welly, a well-known hazard of visiting the lochan.

A nice sunny day…

The Lochan on Flanders Moss NNR

Not a lot of water fowl except a female mallard and her twelve offspring…

The main excitement for me was an adder, spotted a couple of hundred yards from the moss edge. I realise from the blog this is not particularly unusual, but sad to say I hadn’t seen one since my SNH adder teach-in a few years back, so a major first! Unfortunately it spotted me first and snaked into a large tussock before I had a chance to get the camera out. If anyone remembers where I am meant to log this, let me know!

Finally a photogenic skylark by the lag fen…

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